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Voice Talent

Voice Talent are the icing on your branded cake. They can leave your call center customers sweetly satisfied, pondering “seconds”, or focusing on their diets, never to return. That’s why it’s vital that you select talent that reflect your brand, speak your customers’ language, and have the necessary tools to execute to the best industry standards. Most of all, you need them to be loyal. After all, you don’t want anyone else bringing the same Red Velvet Double Chocolate Mocha 3-Layer to the buffet, now do you?

Walsh Media takes a Common Sense approach to selecting, managing and supporting our voice talent pool. We screen and vet talent for professionalism and ability to take direction. We discuss their long term commitments and ours so everyone understands this is an ongoing relationship. And of course, we make sure they understand the importance of availability. Our Common Sense Solutions to voice talent casting offer peace of mind we can fully support your brand. Let us shape the way the world hears you!

  • Nearly 60 different men and women speaking North American English
  • Dozens of languages, spoken by nearly 100 talent to support your localization efforts
  • Bilingual talent for the one voice solution
  • Native speakers working in their country of origin
  • Global Studio network with patching capabilities, ensuring rapid turn-times, fluid talent coaching and session participation
  • Close reliable relationships offer peace of mind, consistency, stability and managed exclusivity, offering longevity to maintain your brand over time
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    Voice Talent



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