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Common Sense Solutions Overview

Walsh Media Brings Common Sense Back to Telecom

One of the very best ways to ensure a positive customer experience within your self-service telecom application is to place a successful exchange within reach of your callers. The longer your prompts, the more complex the wording, the more random the voice over, the more zero-out attempts you’ll see.

Walsh Media offers time tested ‘Common Sense Solutions’ that tackle these issues head on. When implemented, they actually improve call containment and retention – and save money! We help you streamline and simplify your application to help your callers get the information they need quickly and easily.

Our Common Sense Solutions take the mystery out of achieving effective customer service through your self service application, and when your Customer Service is the best it can be, your overall brand benefits.

  • Persona Design and Development doesn’t have to take 18 months and tens of thousands of dollars. Walsh Media will use your existing marketing and branding materials to create a persona that enhances the customer experience across all lines and doesn’t break your budget.
  • Our Script Formatting & Consulting Service takes the draft you present and offers recommendations for a more effective caller experience.
  • With a commitment to understanding your clients and goals worldwide, we can translate your script into just about any language – in the proper dialect. We can also help ensure the best localization for the region in which the application will be used.
  • We help you match your script to the right voice for your application, offering you a diverse group of experienced voice talent from all over the world.
  • Our Expert Voice Coaching will help convey your brand image to the talent, coach them through the session, and offer suggestions and editing options that enhance your branding efforts.
  • Our industry leading Audio Services Team will deliver your audio quickly and in the highest quality. And if you’re running several different platforms, no worries! Walsh Media formats audio for all Telecom applications and will track your preferred settings to accurately re-create the sound from session to session.
  • Our audio services team can help you incorporate Non-Verbal Audio or identifying sounds (Earcons) – into your self service application to help build brand recognition and allow callers speed through your system.
  • As a Common Sense approach to audio maintenance, Walsh Media has developed an audio management database called SAID, which organizes and recalls all of your branded voice prompts, in any of your formats & languages. Imagine that! Everything you need on one place.

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      Common Sense Solutions Overview



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