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Translation and Localization

To help capture and retain business in the global marketplace, corporations need to focus on the languages, cultural sensitivities and markets in which they do business. Many languages have multiple dialects with class and gender-specific words or phrases and often even several words for a single phrase as it would appear in English. Proper translation is essential for effective communication and application performance across cultural borders.

Walsh Media provides translation into just about any language, in the proper dialect. It’s important to recognize that Spanish for Mexico is different than Spanish in Puerto Rico. Our localization partners not only appreciate the complexity of doing business in a world market, and understand your technology. Together, we create common sense solutions for your translation and localization needs.

Our team of translation and localization experts will bring to you an extensive selection of international voice talent professionals to pair with your script and properly shape the way the world hears you.

  • Consistency in terminology and grammar on current and future projects
  • Recommendations in stances when gender or grammar-sensitive languages conflict with an existing design
  • Ensure translation of concatenated phrases meet contextual requirements
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    Translation and Localization



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