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Telecom audio managers face a daunting task. Archiving and accessing your recorded voice prompts, across platforms, in multiple languages can leave your head spinning.

Walsh Media has developed an audio management database called SAID, which organizes and recalls all of your branded voice prompts, in any of your formats & languages. Common Sense, right?
It gets better. SAID allows us to cross check for duplicate audio requests, saving you time and money. And, while we were at it, we thought we’d populate the database with over 14,000 commonly recorded voice prompts, in your branded voice, that can be easily downloaded and converted to your format, speeding delivery to you. With SAID, we’ll help you increase productivity, centralize the demanding task of audio management, save time and reduce costs.

Organize, recall, download…it’s that easily SAID and done!

  • Variety of word combinations and inflections allows you to construct natural sounding voice prompts
  • searchable database with customized file naming
  • receive files in the telephony format your platform demands
  • database of your recording scripts in one, central, easily accessed, searchable location
  • audio database contains more than 14,000 stock phrases in your talent’s voice
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