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File Format

File formatting is an important final step in implementing your one-voice solution. Navigating the clutter of telephony and web audio formats doesn’t have to be complicated. Walsh Media uses a common sense approach, applying simple processes and proprietary tools to create files for most major platforms. Our years of experience and extensive testing ensure you’re not only getting the right kind of file, you’re getting recorded voice prompts optimized for your application.

Updating an existing Speech Recognition, IVR, auto-attendant or web application? Or starting from scratch? Our common sense solution helps us determine the exact format you need—quickly and effortlessly—saving you time and money. Let the experienced team at Walsh Media put the crucial finishing touches on your call center customer experience with the perfect file format.

  • Custom processes and conversion tools for major vendor systems like Nuance, Gold Systems, Convergys-Intervoice, Genesys, Avaya, and many more
  • Support for legacy and proprietary platforms like Dialogic, Periphonics and Natural Microsystems
  • Reverse engineering of files on your current system for a perfect match.
  • Extensive system vendor contacts gives us access to the latest formatting protocols
  • Test files in your system voice ensure compatibility.
  • Research and development on new tools and techniques to stay ahead of an ever changing industry
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