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Hosted & Premise-Based Applications

In the never ending push to save money, gain better caller analytics, and enhance the customer experience, many enterprises are moving away from traditional, premise-based systems to hosted solutions for their telecom environment.

It’s only natural to think that such a change from your premise based system to a third party hosted based solution would required a change from your current, branded Walsh Media voice talent…but that’s not the case.

At Walsh Media, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and customer service. Since we’re familiar with your current premise-based applications, we can work side by side with you or your new provider in the transition to a hosted environment.

Just give us a call and your Walsh Media Project Manager will look into our extensive database of archived audio and pull your previous recordings. We can easily convert them to the format of your hosted provider’s platform making the user interface sound like your previous system.

If your hosted services supplier plans to do all the implementation work, just let them know that you use Walsh Media’s Professional Services for your Voice Talent Services. We will work with them with the same level of professionalism that we provided to you when the original messages were created.

Rest assured that when you switch to a hosted solution and engage Walsh Media, your customers will hear the same great audio that they have come to expect.

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