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Corporate Branding

Companies spend millions working to develop a corporate brand. It infiltrates every aspect of your image – advertising, in-store displays, overhead announcements, website design, product labeling, logo development – everything. Successful branding increases overall awareness of your products and services, and also promotes brand loyalty.

If you already have an established brand image, Walsh Media’s Common Sense Solutions boost your efforts by ensuring the direct interaction customers have with your contact center is the best it can be. Our common sense approach to Persona Development simplifies matching your existing marketing and branding materials with the right voice talent and verbiage for your audio applications. Once implemented, that Persona reinforces your brand in all of your automated self-service applications, presentations, Avatars and web audio.

Even if your company is still trying to focus its branding efforts, Walsh Media can help you bring those elements together in one, clear voice. You’ll get a customized, cost-effective solution, including full discovery of your current efforts, audience, and contact points, plus talent casting and coaching for that perfect match.

Let Walsh Media help shape the way the world hears you!

  • Strengthen brand recognition through consistent language and sound
  • Script Consulting Services ensures brand continuity through improved call flow clear IVR scripting
  • Carry your brand seamlessly across all audio marketing efforts
  • Provide a clear reference point for future audio needs
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    Corporate Branding



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