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Non-Verbal Audio (NVA) often plays an important role in the implementation of a successful telecom application. It adds and extra dimension to your phone system and can improve caller retention and speed their use of your automated call center application. Introducing earcons to your system is a great way to keep them alert and focused on your brand.

Earcons are flexible. A half-second electronic blip, or a 5 second musical jingle, pops, snaps, zings…you can select what best reflects your brand and aids your application. From high-tech to acoustic tones, Walsh Media will work with you to create customized, branded audio.

Most people think of earcons as a main, identifying sound played while a caller hears your main menu. At Walsh Media, we think they can play an even greater role. We offer packages allowing you to trigger sounds as your caller enters different states in your system. We can customize a full package for you, or just one. Or, you can select from one of your packages of earcons already created for you.

  • Ease system navigation for callers by providing audio “markers” for menus
  • Let callers know when the application is performing data searches
  • Strengthen brand recognition
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