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The selections below are a sampling of our music library.
Click a link below to hear a Blues selection in its entirety.

FC-A85Q-6 Rio Blues
FC-A76-9 Cold Water Canyon
FC-A76-21 Let It Roll
OMALT004L-3 Traveling Man
EVO059-14 Swamp
FC-06-10 Crocodile Shoes
MH036-7 Group Hug
MHS4-8 Chicago Blues
FC-S16-19 Prayers In Blue
FC-S16-18 Rough Cut
FC-S16-3 Spring Onions
CHAP289-4 Living For Sin
CNCT122-11 That BB Thang
FC-A76-12 Harlem Strut
OM111Q-3 South Michigan
OMROC037L-23 Takin’ It Home
FC-A76-10 Hyperactive
OMPOP040Q-19 Fuzzy Dip
OMAME008L-3 Chug-A-Lug
OMAME008L-11 Time To Relax
HM-063Q-6 Bamalama
FC-S69M-14 Big City Blues
OMROC045L-7 Front Porch Blues
OMACU004-13 Porch Swing
OMACU004-4 State Street Shuffle
HM-011-9 Memphis
FC-S69M-3 Harmonica Blues
OMROC008L-1 Sweet Muddy Water
OMROC008L-17 Mo Bo Jive
OMROC008L-5 Old Elbow Catfish
OMROC008L-9 T-Bone Slide
CHAP199-5 Mouth Organ Blues
FC-S16-1 Train By The River
OM111Q-13 Mule
OM111Q-5 Regal Notion
OMROC045L-17 Slowdown Blues
EVO016Q-13 Blues Off!
MHS35A-26 Done My Time
FC-S69M-7 Heartbreak Blues
FC-02-15 Moving On
FC-02-17 Cool Down
OMACU022L-5 Groove Addict
OM111Q-1 Horace Martin
FC-A80-5 Slap The Blues
MHS28-14 Uptempo Blues
FC-A76-14 The Blue Room
FC-S25-15 Memphis Salmon

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