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Handling full queues

December 21, 2011

Much of your efforts in developing an exceptional customer experience go toward moving callers quickly through the IVR, and minimizing time spent in queue, while resolving issues on their first attempt. But how can you accomplish all of this with your current resources? Consider the issues that affect your company’s IVR and on hold environments.

  • Do you have extended business hours at certain times of the year?
  • Do you have a “queue critical mass” policy where you stop accepting calls when certain limits are reached or at a certain time of day?
  • Are hold times longer? Shorter?
  • Are there one or two FAQs to which answers could help alleviate stacked up queues?
  • What are the alternatives to speaking with a representative?
    • Live Chat
    • FAQs
    • Special website/web pages
    • Online communities
    • Instructional whitepapers and/or videos

In the IVR, make sure information is accurate – business hours are correct, direct callers to faster resources for resolution where available, and always let them reach a representative when they wish.

For the Message on Hold environment, less talking + more music = happier callers. Many callers feel that speaking with a representative is the fastest or best way to have questions answered and problems resolved. When you share information in your message on hold, it becomes a tool that can help build your callers’ confidence in alternate resources.

For ideas and assistance with “max-capacity” challenges in the IVR and Message on Hold environments, speak with your Walsh Media Project Manager.


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