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DIY Recording

November 30, 2011

With the wide availability of budget recording equipment and software, you can throw a rock in any direction and hit someone claiming to run a, “Professional Recording Studio.” You might even be tempted to purchase your own setup, grab that receptionist with the golden voice and go the DIY route with your audio recording needs.

Believe it or not, you save a significant amount of time, headaches and money when you let experts, like Walsh Media, handle your audio needs. Not only do you instantly get the benefit of the latest and greatest digital recording technology, you also simultaneously employ a small army of audio engineers with decades of experience crafting content specifically for phone systems, web applications, presentations and more.

You may be aware that the inherently low bit-rate requirements of telephone networks guarantee you’ll be dealing with at least some noise and distortion. What you may not know is that any noise on your original recordings can cause much bigger problems when your customers try to interact with your final product. Any echo, environmental or background noise (think A/C or heating, computers, doors slamming, monkeys screeching—because maybe you work at a zoo, etc.) can cause serious distortion problems on the other end of a customer interaction with your application.

It just makes sense to go to the experts, already heavily invested in the gear and know-how to get you a great end-product. Because, hey, you could buy some dental equipment and start taking care of your own teeth, right (ouch!)? But that doesn’t make it a good idea. Contact us at or 1-800-454-6453.

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