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November 16, 2011

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us our thoughts turn to giving thanks—such as the simple phrase your callers hear when they call your company, “Thank you for calling.”  Since most of our efforts are usually directed at containment within web and IVR self service applications, we may not be so grateful for that call.  However, your greeting to the caller, the customer, must reflect our genuine readiness, ability and determination to personally respond.

By avoiding a few common greeting missteps, you can increase your customers’ confidence in the IVR, while providing a first-rate customer experience.

  • Don’t market or sell to callers by using taglines or talking about specials.  They called you to accomplish something so marketing your company is not necessary.  The main function of a greeting is to let callers know they’ve reached the right place.
  • Don’t offer unnecessary courtesies or apologies.  Respect the callers’ time and get to the point.  Don’t apologize unless you can fix that for which you’re apologizing.
  • Don’t use unnecessary legalese – you don’t need to tell the caller you’re going to monitor/record their call until its actually going to happen.

Your Walsh Media Project Manager can help you script and edit greetings that help your company and your callers!  Call us at 800-359-6158 or email today!

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