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Call Flow

October 26, 2011

Do you know what a call flow is?  It’s a map of your telephone system and it can be simple as a few boxes and lines, or a complex graphical illustration detailing programming and script for every step.

There are various software programs available that allow you to diagram your phone system and you can even use a word processor for simple flows.  Whatever method you choose to document your call flow, choose to document it!  Here are a few tips:

Include script – on one hand the script makes it easier to pick up redundant options further down the call flow, and on the other hand, script makes it easier to pick up on inconsistent language.

Keep it simple – if your map is too complex, it won’t be used.  Don’t cross lines, and keep shapes the same.  (If you use a parallelogram to represent data, keep using parallelograms to indicate data.)

Make it accurate – diagram the flow and note the script that you have in place today.  If you’re using an older call flow, make sure it includes any updates, but do not include anything that’s on your wish list and not yet in your phone system. 

Once you have your updated map, you’re ready to go!  It’s a lot easier to make improvements to call flow and/or script.  Sometimes it just takes a few simple tweaks to make a world of difference.  And if you want some help, call Walsh Media (we’ll even use the punched tape shape).
Let’s talk about your call flow! You can reach us at 1-800-454-6453 or anytime!

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