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Audition Your Audio

October 12, 2011

Want a tip straight from the old school of recording engineers that can help you effectively evaluate the audio on your phone system? Make sure you check application audio in as many different environments as possible. Listen on a regular telephone, a VOIP phone, a mobile phone, on speakerphone, in a busy office, on a busy street corner, in a car; try and cover as many different scenarios that your customers might encounter when they interact with your application as you can. Remember, audio will definitely sound different over a phone line than it will through computer speakers.

When producing your audio, Walsh Media tries to strike a balance of volume and clarity that, in our vast experience, works best on the widest number of environments. We also audition that audio like all recording pros do: anywhere the end-user might also be listening. Contact us for more information at or 1-800-454-6453.

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