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Error Recovery

July 20, 2011

The pessimist may be right in the long run, but the optimist has a better time during the trip.


We all strive to make every customer experience as smooth as silk, but at times, errors will occur. How do you deal with them? Does your scripted verbiage read, “Incorrect input.” Does your persona dictate the talent then speak the phrase flat, or with a downward pitch? Or maybe yours apologizes excessively so as not to offend, “I’m very sorry I didn’t understand you” with the talent sounding like they’re holding a nearly extinct woodland creature in their cupped hands, hoping they won’t hang up and exterminate the little guy.

Everyone knows that sometimes data input will be unrecognized. They key is to get it right the first time as often as possible, and to keep those errors to an absolute minimum. So, don’t scold, and don’t grovel. Just let them know, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.” Define in your persona that  your talent smile, keep it upbeat, and speak just a little more quickly in error recovery, allowing your caller to move along. Take the error in stride and allow your client to do the same.

Keep your persona positive, and the caller experience can be too! We’d be happy to discuss your concerns! Contact us at or 1-800-454-6453.

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