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Effective Efficiency

November 17, 2010

Common Sense Tip of the Day:

What’s the most important characteristic you should consider when designing an IVR?    The consensus thought is “Effectiveness”.  Effectiveness means that a caller was able to accomplish what he intended to do when he called the system.  It could be as simple as getting their bank balance or as complicated as ordering a customized computer through a set of easy-to-understand prompts.

Efficiency Medal

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Once you have succeeded at effectiveness, then efficiency comes into play.

Efficiency is how quickly you can accomplish the intended tasks.  Efficiency can be tricky because what is considered the right pace for one person can be considered too fast for another.  And conversely, what is considered the right pace for one person may be painfully slow to another.

Finally, callers prefer a pleasant experience though clear and easy-to-understand voice prompts.

Walsh Media recommends that when you design an IVR, you first focus on Effectiveness.   You can then use the experts at Walsh to enhance your system with efficient and pleasant voice prompts.

Take advantage of our 20 + years of supplying best-in-class audio to the IVR industry.

We’d be happy to discuss your goals! Get in touch at or 1-800-454-6453.

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